Thanks to the Swiss Runners Ticket, all registered partecipants can reach Ascona/Locarno free of charge from all over Switzerland by public transport.

The free trip can be made up to 10 days before and the return trip up to 10 days after the Ascona-Locarno Run (valid for 1 day each).

The outward journey must be made between the 4th and 13th of October and the return journey between the 12th and 21st of October.

You can find further information on

Ascona-Locarno Run: ‘the perfect place for your run!’

There’s no need to worry about how you’re going to get around the Ticino region during your holiday to this splendid part of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding valleys – with Ticino Ticket, you are free to explore every corner of Switzerland’s most southern Canton!

By staying overnight in a hotel, youth hostel or campsite in Ticino, you will have the possibility to use public transport at no cost to you and receive tempting discounts on cableways, boat trips on the lakes, and entrance to the main tourist attractions in the Ticino region.

Free return trip to Ascona/Locarno from all over Switzerland (Swiss Runners Ticket)

All race participants benefit from free travel on public means of transport (in second class) exclusively across the Swiss territory, from the place of residence/starting point, from a Swiss airport or from the Swiss border to the event location and return (in the GA area of validity along standard routes).

After registering to take part in the race, runners will receive two personal promo codes by e-mail or post.

By visiting the website and using the promo codes provided, you can print a free public transport ticket for your outbound journey and another for your return journey (valid for 1 calendar day) in second class.

You may leave between the 4th and 13th of October and return between the 12th and 21st of October.

Important: the Swiss Runners Ticket is valid for one person only, for both the outbound and return journey, and only in combination with the starting number (bib number).

Attention: should checks take place on the chosen means of public transport, you will be required to show both your ticket and bib number (or confirmation of registration for competitions).

How to reach us


From northern Europe and from within Switzerland, the Lake Maggiore region can be reached using the international Basel-Milan or Zurich-Milan railway lines, boasting direct Intercity and EuroCity trains. If there are no direct connections available, it is necessary to change trains at Bellinzona, in the direction of Locarno, Lake Maggiore.

From Domodossola, following the international Simplon-line, the entire region can be accessed owing to the narrow gauge ‘Centovalli’ railway, which offers a particularly romantic journey.

With the railway line from Milan-Central via Como, there are connections to Ticino from every part of Mediterranean Europe, either with the Intercity trains or the high-speed EuroCity train.

You will find all the necessary timetables for train connections below.


We recommend parking your car at the border or in a zone with access to public transport*, in order to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to travel for free in Switzerland. Remember to print your free ticket at, using the promo codes provided, and be sure to keep your bib number to hand!

The Lake Maggiore region can easily be reached by car:

  • from the south, via the motorway through the Italian lakes from Milan to the Swiss border at Chiasso-Brogeda, before taking the A2 motorway heading north, following the signposting for ‘Gottardo’ and passing through Mendrisio, Lugano and Bellinzona, before branching off at the junction to reach Locarno and Lake Maggiore.
  • from the north, follow the A2 motorway to Bellinzona (exit Bellinzona south, following the signposting for Locarno and Lake Maggiore).
  • from the north, you can also take the Simplon Pass, following the E62 all the way to Domodossola and following the signposting for Locarno and the SS337 (Valle Vigezzo).

The roads in Ticino are particularly safe, modern and well-maintained.

Lights on: in the daytime as well.

In Switzerland, it is a legal requirement that all motorised vehicle users have their headlights switched on during the daytime.

For more information, see: TCS – Infostrada (in Italian, in French or German)

Here, you will find everything that you need to plan your trip: itinerary calculator, traffic forecasts, road weather conditions, and the real-time situation on the Swiss road network.

*parking fees at your expense.


You can comfortably reach Ascona-Locarno from two international airports situated not far from the Lake Maggiore region!*

From the international Zurich-Kloten airport, you can take a direct train to Locarno. All registered race participants can take advantage of free public transport across the Swiss territory.  Remember to print your free ticket at, using the promo codes provided!

From Milan Malpensa International Airport, you can take the train to Locarno; remember to pay for your ticket for the Italian portion of the route, while race participants will be able to travel for free exclusively in Switzerland (you will have to print your free ticket to travel from the Swiss border to Locarno at, using the promo codes provided).

*all means of transport used before arrival in Switzerland are at the expense of the race participants.